White Stick Log for Windows.

White Stick Log Version 1 is an amateur logging program for the visually impaired.
It is a Windows program for use on versions 9x up.
Based on Easilog it has slightly reduced facilities, on screen help and operation mostly by function keys.
There are no buttons or graphics.
The following facilities are provided.
Logging for bands from 180 metres to 70 centimetres.
Off-line and On-line logging with previous QSO indication.
DXCC countries worked on all bands with new country alert.
CAT frequency and mode read from the transceiver.
The ability to run a net or list with 50 stations on at any one time.
Text entries and Station equipment change can be entered into the log.
On screen UTC time and date automatically used anywhere in the world.
A Notepad facility so you can jot things down while in QSO.
QSL print at QSO time or later in batches.
Log print out.
Log search and browse.
DXCC Status readout.
Import and export logs in ADIF format.
Unlimited log size with v1.38.
USB and Windows printers are supported.
Rotator control for Prosistel Rotator Controller.
Logs from previous versions of Easilog are compatible.
Free to all visually impaired operators.
Version 1.16 now uses a new country list so if you only need an upgrade then download COUNTRY.LST also.
Download WSLOGV1.EXE The Installation program
Download WSLOG.EXE If you only need an update.
this includes the CD callbook access programs.
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Download Country list

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